Authoritarianism: Prevail, or Not? Essay

Authoritarianism: Prevail, or Not? Essay

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“History proves that all dictatorships, all authoritarian forms of government are transient. Only democratic systems are not transient. Whatever the shortcomings, mankind has not devised anything superior,” Vladimir Putin once said this.
With such a view of authoritarianism, there would be assumption that the entire world is on its way to seek such democracy if it is such a clear, correct choice. However, nothing is ever so simple, and this is not the case.
In this essay I will take a look at how authoritarianism fails, as well as why it is able to prevail is some areas.
Authoritarian forms of government do sometimes fail. The reasons for such failure include the public’s dissatisfaction with the current governmental regime, the emergence of relevant opposition, political negotiation with elites, the physical location as well as history of freedom in a given nation, and the deserting of the authoritarian leader.
While there are legitimate reasons for nondemocratic regime failure and there have been great moves toward a more democratic world, there are also reasons authoritarianism is able to sustain and survive in some cases. The fairly recent back-slipping from democratic rule to nondemocratic rule, or authoritarianism, is contingent on many factors. Factors ranging from a state’s mineral wealth, to its history of repression, to the fact many new democracies are small and weak allow nondemocratic regimes to sustain and prevail in certain states.
One of the first steps in the failure of authoritarianism is public dissatisfaction. There must be people within the state that are not content with the way the nondemocratic regime is governing. This sort of disapproval sets in motion a movement toward the breakdown of t...

... middle of paper ... represent the public interests. So, elites cash in on the resources while letting the rest of the nation suffer.
Governments evolve and change all of the time. What makes a state fail or prevail as nondemocratic depends on very many things. And, although we cannot be sure what is to come for a given nation unquestionably, this paper is an overview of some basic, guiding tendencies and situations that cause a state to either fail or prevail as an authoritarian regime. Only time will tell what is truly in store for the world governing systems.

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