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Authoritarian Capitalism Essay

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It a commonly held belief from developed nations that a democratic system is the best way to function as a country and maintain an economy. However, Democracy is not unanimously the best system of government for every nation. As political scientist Samuel P. Huntington observed, democracy has not always been the go-to governmental systemi. Not only can an authoritarian system maintain high economic growth, but also outperform its democratic counterparts. With reference to the growth patterns that developing nations tend to follow before democratization, use of an authoritarian capitalism system has seen a reviving trend, specifically in China. The authoritarian model has clear benefits over their democratic counterparts, as seen through the revival of the authoritarian model and its combination with capitalism such as in the case of China and Russia under Putin, supporting the higher growth rates of authoritarian nations as compared to democratic counterparts.
For nations such as China, what is seen throughout history is the basis of government right before authoritarian rule, or even during, is communism. While this is not true Marxist Communism as it halts development at the dictatorial stage, it is also one of the proven effective methods of implementing authoritarian rule and thusly pushing the nation in a forward direction rapidly. Authoritarian capitalism is currently in the Third Wave (as stated by Samuel P. Huntington) of authoritarian regimes. To avoid a long description of his theory, Huntington categorized modern history as a sinusoidal wave pattern of totalitarian regimes coming to power , . What this power structure does is establish a clear regime with the figurehead at the obvious height of power, but also com...

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