Essay on The Author Of Intellectualism, By Gerald Graff

Essay on The Author Of Intellectualism, By Gerald Graff

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The author of Intellectualism, Gerald Graff, argues that students need to write what interests them such as about science, cars, fashion or music as long as they write the specific interest in an intellectual manner. The author states this to explain it in the book as “through academic eyes”. To answer this argument, we must first establish a commonality in language: namely, what is Intellectualism? Intellectualism is being able to process a specific task and come into conclusion by its own mind. I agree with the author’s argument on how using one’s interest as a technique of teaching at school or college. To solve this issue, first the education system of schools and colleges has to be changed in a way that motivates the students to keep going to reach his or her goal.
I remember the times in high school when the teacher assigned everyone in class assignments to write essays on politics and other various topics that do not interest anyone of us. Many students wrote poorly, because many are not into politics. We are students’ and we have our own interests, such as about technology, sports, music and fashion. If each student was given a topic that interests them, then the students would do research and use its own knowledge on it to write a great piece of paper in an intellectual manner and it would be an advantage for them. For example, I’m a student who has an ambition of becoming an aerospace engineer and has a huge interest in technology and space travel. In year eight, one of the instructors’ assigned each and every student in class an essay to be written on the topic space travel, and I remember writing it with such excitement because that topic was everything I used to read about every single time I had free time. The day c...

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...comes to the real world situations. Using one’s own interest can be used in a way to teach the person. The person may be able to absorb the information faster and easily. There would not be any confusion for that person. Making changes to the education system can make a huge difference at colleges and schools, the dropout rate can be decreased by a huge percentage and the unemployment rate would also decrease. Not forcing students to take classes that are not required by its major will help the students to do really well in high schools and colleges and moreover, it would be an advantage to the student and many would not suffer from stress and psychological distress. As a result, students will be able to succeed in school and achieve their goals faster. It’s true that education plays a role in success, the higher the knowledge the more successful a person can become.

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