Essay on The Australian War Memorial Of Canberra

Essay on The Australian War Memorial Of Canberra

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The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is a fascinating place to spend time. This amazing piece of architecture is set against a backdrop of the Canberra foothills. To view the building from a short distance away as evening turns to night is a wonderful experience. It looks as though it is a building from antiquity; perhaps from the end of the Roman era.
The view from the top of the steps straight down Anzac Ave is stunning. You are looking at the broad avenue to the two houses of parliament with a backdrop of the Canberra bush.

Photograph from Bidgee at Wikimedia (creative commons)
The displays inside the memorial are a wonderful tribute to the 102,000 men and women that died serving our country in time of war as well as all who served overseas or at home. When you enter you are immediately struck by the beauty of the courtyard with the pool of reflection. Bronze panels in the alcoves surrounding the pool area contain the names of all of our dead from all wars. It is sobering to walk around the two levels as this brings home the enormity of the sacrifice Australians have made in the service of our country.

The displays are too numerous to do justice to in this short article. The First World War displays are the most extensive and detailed. Charles Bean, the official historian of WW 1, who spent considerable time at Gallipoli and on the Western Front, was the chief architect both of the War Memorial itself and the display of WW 1 material. Bean conceived of the idea of the memorial about 1916 and put out a request to the men doing the fighting to collect whatever they could for future display. We owe much to Charles Bean for his foresight and to Colonel John Treloar who was head of the...

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... Navy (RAN) from the Second World War until the 1970s. Reports of Proceedings (ROPs) are the official record of activities of the Royal Australian Navy 's commands, vessels, shore establishments, administrative authorities and installations.
Reports of Proceedings were normally submitted by a commanding officer to their superior, and then on to Navy Office. Reporting was required in both wartime and peacetime. In some cases, especially in the early years of the Second World War, reports were in the form of 'war diaries ', or in earlier decades they were sometimes referred to as 'Letters of Proceedings '.
There are other many other RAN artefacts available including log books.
Google AWM and you will find the site. It is well worth spending an hour or two finding what the AWM has to offer. It is a well-designed web site and easy to find what you are looking for.

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