Essay about The Australian National Curriculum

Essay about The Australian National Curriculum

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A National Curriculum has been of some importance within the Australian Governments for some time. Previous national planned curriculums have been developed and failed a number of times. The Australian Governments with the guidance of the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians have developed ‘The Australian Curriculum’; A planned national curriculum from Foundation to Year 12 covering a variety of learning areas or subjects catering for Diversity, Differences and the needs of the 21st Century. The introduction of the Australian Curriculum is designed to supply all young Australians across the States and Territories an education that is of equal and high standards. This Essay will discuss the structure of the Curriculum, definition of the Curriculum, Outcomes expected to be achieved, Teaching, Learning and Assessment process and the needs of 21st century learners as well as the influences from Learning Theorist and Curriculum Models.

Many factors are considered when it comes to developing a National Curriculum such as diversity, student’s needs, past, present and future events. The Australian Governments have recognised this and set up a National Curriculum Board (NCB); Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) with Professional Educators from all States and Territories to develop, shape and implement the Australian Curriculum alongside support and advice from the many stakeholders invested in the success of the planned Curriculum. The Shape of the Australian Curriculum (2010a) explains the process has to be divided up into four interrelated phases: Curriculum shaping, Curriculum writing, Implementation and Curriculum evaluation and review.
The Australian Curriculum has been...

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