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Australian Motor Industry Essay

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Executive Summary:
The purpose of this report is to figure out the impacts and effects of GFC over the Australian Motor Industries which is said to be owned by TOYOTA, and this company has its own reputation for their products among the several other Automotive Industries in the present era. However even this industry has undergone a severe impact in accordance with the Global Financial Crisis which is said to be briefly discussed in this report. And entirely this report is done only in accordance with the Strategic management which has the various stages of analysis that evaluates about the industry in all the perspectives possible, further which some recommendations are been suggested to handle this Financial Crisis which ends the report with a positive note and even it creates a positive impact towards the Australian MOTORS (AMI).
Than saying the Australian car industry was killed it could be said that it was a victim of what IMF chief Christine Lagarde calls the orge of deflation. Till the previous year according to ABS the car prices are said to fall around 2.8 percent even though the dollar was depreciated 15 percent, so it wasn’t the dollar which was the reason for the deflation in the industry. Inflation is said to be kick started during the month of December, which made a fall even in the field of computers, TVs, fuel as well, during which there was a hike in price of the other products and regarding with the wages it rose till 3 percent and 10 percent in the field of real estate.
The initial stages of deflation was due to the presence of new technology and Automation devices which reduced the usage of workers inside the factorie...

... middle of paper ... with protecting the environment these industries must take an initiative to produce electric or solar cars which also reduces traffic, congestion, and pollution, as well as the cost spent on petrol will be less since the OIL cost is high.

4. Conclusion:
The above discussed are the impacts of Australian Motor Industry during GFC and the SWOT analysis that is to be implied during any deflation or financial crisis. As mentioned above those are some of the recommendations which can be implied in the industry as well for a better future, and finally the Australian government should directly come forward to help the industry as well as the workers.

5. References:
 (Kohler, 2014)
 (Adhanhoa, 2006)

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