Australian Marsupials: Kangoroos Essay

Australian Marsupials: Kangoroos Essay

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In several countries, including Australia, there is a group of marsupials known as kangaroos. These kangaroos are surprisingly popular, for their unique legs and pouches separate them from normal mammals. Not only is their body built differently, but kangaroos are very rare to see since they are only found near Australia. Whether it comes to their body build, reproduction, nutrition, habitat, or industrial threats, kangaroos and wallabies are very interesting animals.
The word kangaroo stands for large species, and the word wallaby stands for small species (Blashfield para. 1). Kangaroos, pouched mammals or marsupials, are included in the species of macropods, meaning ‘big foot’ (Blashfield para. 1). Peculiarly, there is a total of forty-five species of kangaroos and wallabies (“Kangaroos and” para. 3). A distinct feature of the kangaroo is it’s hind legs (Ride 39). This is because they are much larger than it’s forelimbs (Ride 39). The hind legs are bigger than the kangaroo’s forelimbs, and they have big hind feet with lengthy tails used to keep the kangaroo’s balance (“Kangaroos and” para. 1). Instead of walking or running, kangaroos hop (“Nutrition” para. 5). As they hop faster, their hops become taller and longer (“Nutrition”, para. 5). Kangaroo’s jumps can be as tall as six feet and thirty feet long (Blashfield para. 5). Without their hind legs this would not be possible because the tendons store energy for the jump (Blashfield para. 5). Even though it appears to have four toes, there is a small fifth toe on the outside of the main toe (Ride 39). On the inside of the kangaroo’s foot are two toes that are combined (Ride 39). These are called syndactyly toes; furthermore, these toes are used as a comb or grooming tool (Rid...

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...eing questioned right now as to what the ratio of killed kangaroos and the total population of kangaroos is (Ride 40). Shipping kangaroos alive is strictly forbidden except for cases like trading or shipping between zoos (“Kangaroos” Australian para. 16). If kangaroo meat is exported without government knowledge, the person(s) could be fined up to $250,000 or be taken to jail for up to 10 years (“Kangaroos” Australian para. 19).
Kangaroos are very interesting animals, for they have many unique features. They are difficult to find, making them exceptionally popular among tourists that visit Australia or nearby islands. Many rules and laws are in place for kangaroos to protect them from over-hunting and later on, endangerment. Kangaroos would not be as popular of an animal if it was not for their body build, reproduction, nutrition, habitat, or industrial threats.

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