Essay on Australian Internet Service Providers Study

Essay on Australian Internet Service Providers Study

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(U) During February of 2014, Australia had 41 internet service providers (ISPs) delivering nationwide services such as ADSL, mobile, NBN, satellite, cable, and fiber. By 2012, 88.8 per cent of the population had connectivity to the internet.ii Statistically, Australia is twelfth in the world in terms of how deeply it has permeated the total population with connectivity. The percentage of people connected has steadily risen every two to three years by nine per cent since 2007.iii If this momentum continues, Australia will have 97 percent of its population connected by the year 2015.iv
Australia has 22 peering/public exchange points in or near Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.v Peering is an interaction between multiple ISPs which allows for an exchange of traffic among various networks. As peering takes place, the ISPs do not charge one another for the transmission of data. Amid the multitude and variety of peering in Australia, there are enough interconnected networks that the probability of isolating or critically impairing any of the major ISPs is unlikely.
Three of the leading ISPs in Australia are Telstra, Optus, and iiNet Broadband. Telstra is the oldest and largest telecommunications/internet service provider in the country, offering an extensive array of products in broadband, media, global satellite, managed network, and global cloud Telstra is also a provider of essential services such as mobile and internet connectivity, and local and long-distance phone service to the majority of Australia’s businesses and private residences; this year, they are likely to resume drawing in vast numbers of 4G LTE mobile broadband customers as a result of having a larger network footprint than its challe...

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