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Oral health in Australia is a concern. The impact of poor dental health can instigate ulcers, gingivitis, gum disease and damage one’s overall health. Tooth decay is extensive among Australian adults, and tooth aches are a considerable amount of hospital admission for children (Parliament of Australia, 2013). Two in three children aged 14 years have deteriorated permanent teeth, while three in ten adults receive no treatment at all. Adults living in rural Australia are 1.7 times more likely to have no teeth than those in major cities. 14 percent of children and 37 percent of adults avoid or delaying seeing a dentist due to costs (Australian Institude of Health and Welfare, 2012). The advantages of installing a dental program within Medicare would eliminate a majority of these issues.
However, despite Australia spending 7 percent of the health budget in 2009 -10 on dental care (Parliament of Australia, 2014) these were the results. Meaning more money is needed to improve this matter and support any introduction of further services. Thus increasing the Medicare levy further from the 2 percent from July 2014 (Australian Government, 2013). Another matter is the workforce, currently there are 57 dentists, 4 dental therapists, 5 dental hygienists, 3 oral health therapists and 5 dental prosthetists per 100,000 people (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2013). With the increase on demand, the present workforce would struggle to cope therefore leading to longer wait time than already exist. And finally, continual evaluation stages would need to be assessed to discover who is using the services, who has not and where the costs are being spent.
Australian’s are living longer and future projections estimate this...

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