Australian Customers and Online Shopping Essays

Australian Customers and Online Shopping Essays

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1.2 Executive Summary

The Australian customers have a big appetite for the online shopping and the use of e-commerce website in Australia is increasing every year.

The Perspective Private Limited is successfully providing Data Analysis & Recommendation System Services for the past five years to the e-commerce websites and has proven to enhance the customers recommendation system by obtaining competitive advantage in the e-commerce market.

Our client is an e-commerce company for selling books, e-books, Audiobooks, journals and DVD’S. With increasing number of successful players in the e–commerce market like, the company wants to benchmark it’s service. There is a great pressure in improvising the companies market amongst its competitor. Now they have approached Perspective Private limited for improvising the existing recommendation systems.

We clearly understand that the previous recommendation system was just giving the users about their previous product search and it requires more informative recommendation systems that would encourage users in opting for for future purchases. We would carry out the implementations in the client’s database server and have to carefully handle the existing product data.

Our company service would encompass the following:

 Link to an online book critic website ( after selecting an order.
 Pop up message displaying details of customers buying an item and number of hits for a book.
 A Personal Recommendation to your friend circle about a book through their e-mail address and also with an option for sending it as a gift to your family r friend.
 Online chat system for customer to interact with the sales and order team.


... middle of paper ...

...and analysis therefore, no change in project objectives is acceptable.
• Previous recommendation system is working 100%.
• New recommendation system will be in a form of upgradable patch, which can fit into the current operating system and database connectivity.
• No flexibility in terms of timeline and budget.
• Weekly update is provided to through effective communication.
• VPN connectivity between and Perspective Private Limited is working 100%.

7.2 Constraints

• Difficult to test the new patch on the live system due to its 24*7 service.
• With new system, database would go through more mining and fetching data and would require upgrade-to-upgrade RAM and processing units.
• Disaster recovery mechanism to be setup in case of backup failure and upgrade failure.
• Acceptance of the change or the new look of the website among the masses

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