Essay on The Australian Commission On Safety And Quality in Healthcare

Essay on The Australian Commission On Safety And Quality in Healthcare

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Health is an ever growing and developing sector. Newer diseases raise their head from time to time. These developments put new challenges for mankind. To meet the challenges put forward by the diseases and their outcomes; there is a need for scientific and strategic innovations. These innovative measures empower the healthcare sector to fight the disease and overcome the disease burden. Australian commission on safety and quality in healthcare is also one such innovative step that aims at provision of a universal healthcare service to all across Australia.


The Australian Commission On Safety And Quality in Health care was founded as a powerful body to reform Health care system in Australia. It was established on 1st june 2006 in an incorporated form to lead and coordinate numerous areas related to safety and quality in healthcare across Australia (Windows into Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2011). The commission’s work programs include; development of advice, publications and resources for healthcare teams, healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and policy makers (Australian Commission On Safety And Quality in Health care). Patients, carers and members of public play a vital role in giving shape to commission’s recommendations thereby ensuring safe, efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services. The commission acknowledges patients and carers as a partner with health service organisations and their healthcare providers. It suggests the patients and carers should be involved in decision making, planning, evaluating and measuring service. People should exercise their healthcare rights and be engaged in the decisions related to their own healthcare and treatment procedures. ...

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Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care: ACSQHC, 2012.

National health reform agreement, 2011

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, 2012
Vital Signs 2013: The State of Safety and Quality in Australian Health Care,

Windows into Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2011,

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