Australian Bureau Of Statistics ( Abs ) Essay

Australian Bureau Of Statistics ( Abs ) Essay

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With the population of about 23 million, Australia stands as one of the most developed nations in the world. While a major proportion of the Australians are non-natives, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders accounts for a much smaller proportion. According to Australian Bureau of Statics, they accounted for 729,048 in 2015. There are 32% of indigenous people living in major cities, 43% in regional areas and 25% in remote areas according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Although this is their native place, indigenous people still face social disadvantages, poor socioeconomic status, education, employment which leads to high rate of mortality and morbidity.

According to Australian indigenous website, healthinfoNet, in 2010-2012 life expectancy of indigenous people were 69 years which is 11 years less than the 80 years expected for the non- indigenous men and women. Moreover, the life expectancy for native women was 73 years, during 2010-2012, which is 9.5 years less than the expectation of 83 years for non-Indigenous women. The reason for decreased health can be due to deficiencies in water supply, sanitation and lack of proper medical services.

Australia is one of the healthiest countries in the world. With the remarkable availability of best facilities in the world in addition to medical specialists and higher research, it ranks 32nd healthiest nation (WHO, 2015). There are many benefits of medical care systems including General practitioner, hospital and specialist. Australia has the lowest cases of cancer, and good health systems. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, also known as indigenous accounts for 2.4% Australian population (ABS, 2015). According to Australian Bureau of Statics (ABS) 32% of indigenous p...

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.... Instead of using new strategies, implementation of the existing support should be enforced. Moreover, providing equal job opportunities along with education and basic medical facilities might assist in developing their life.

Indigenous people are Access to health services is an important contributor to health and wellbeing. Usually, Indigenous people die at much younger ages than non-indigenous people and it’s more likely to experience disability and reduced quality of life due to illness. Indigenous people can access primary health care and community health services through mainstream services such as General practitioner services and Indigenous-specific services. According to Australian bureau of statistics (ABS), Indigenous people who live in a remote area has limited accessibility to doctors, hospital and specialist due to a lack of infrastructure facilities.

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