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Australia is considered as a young country when comparing to other countries as it has been founded around 200 years ago. Today, it is still in the trouble of some sort of identity crisis, trying to find its true identity. To try to define what really is considered as Australianness means one will have to take the plunge. For instance, in Australia the movie, director Baz Luhrmann made a great effort in telling an epic story of Australia but it still falls into the category of imprudent cliché of Australianness. Now we will look at the poster of Australia the movie then analyse it to interpret in what ways it represents the Australianness.
Let us take a look first at the main colour of the poster, it is kind of a mix mostly between red and orange with a bit of black. This is the colour of the outback; South Australia. It is the largest and most remote part of Australia which made up of dry, dusty deserts and few of streams and rivers. This place is called “the dead heart” by the early explorers due to its hostile to the inhabitants here (Erinn Banting, 2002). This area is an interesting place, contains the history of gold rush time and the history of those Indigenous people which is also known as Aborigines who were forced to move to live here. They were being driven away by the white European colonists by all sorts of reasons. According to Peggy (1993, p.1), these reasons varied from economic to political reasons. In the movie, there are a lot of scenes that filmed in wide angle to show the vast nature of Australia, including the outback, successfully describe the wild and imposing beauty of this land. So along with the scenes, the choice of the main colour in the design of the poster has made a great work to mention one famous...

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... of Australian culture when the fact that those white European colonists came from England. In those racist bad jokes, Australia is always seen as a country with culture and history of convicts and criminals deported from England. Together with the issues, the wave of immigration is creating a so-called multicultural, makes it even harder to define what will be the real culture of Australia: the aborigines, the English or the immigrants.
One can think that it is an impossible task to embody the Australianness in one image only such as a person, a symbol or an idea. It may be easy to assume that Australia as a whole country is trying hard to find its true self but on second thought, this diversity in culture has made Australian really Australian. The definition of Australian also known as the Australianness will still be an interesting issue to solve in the future.

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