Essay on Australia Is Not Only A Choice Destination For Many

Essay on Australia Is Not Only A Choice Destination For Many

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There can be no gainsaying, as to the fact that Australia is not only a choice destination for many, but also houses some of the most beautiful cities in the world (Bastian, 2012). As a matter of fact, Bastian (2012) continues to state that this change is strongly attributed to immigration, which continues to foster strong cultural and economic growth in Australia. As Australia continues to open its borders to an increasingly diverse population, Australians themselves continue to open their minds to accommodate diversity in the form of new lifestyles, foods, traditions, values, beliefs and so forth (Bastian, 2012). According to Henry & Kurzak (2013), the 2011 census show that 26% of Australians were born abroad and 20% have either one or both parents born abroad. In this regard, cultural diversity is one of Australia’s greatest triumphs. However, historically, this was not the case as Australia’s immigration policies were neither inclusive, nor accepting of cultural diversity (Henry & Kurzak, 2013).
According to Henry & Kurzak (2013), between the 1880s and the early 1970s, Australia’s immigration policies were enforced under the White Australia Policy; a policy that effectively barred non-white individuals from immigrating into Australia. However, after the Second World War, immigration into Australia more than doubled between 1967 and 1971, effectively forcing the government of the day to rethink its approach to diversity (Henry & Kurzak, 2013). The resulting effect was the dismantlement of the White Australian Policy in 1973 by the Labor government under the Whitlam administration (Henry & Kurzak). According to Knight (2008), it was during this precise period that the concept of multiculturalism in Australia was born. Not on...

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...granted that it is culture, and cultural groupings that are to be accommodated. Instead, multiculturalism places a wide range of claims of accommodation such as religion, ethnicity, language, race and nationality (Song, 2010). In the case of Australia, the acceptance of multiculturalism based on such far-flung claims has essentially resulted in the advent of politics of recognition among the minority groups seeking accommodation or integration in Australia. This is shown by Song (2010) who states that key among the claims fronted by Australia’s minority groups is self-government or at least some sort of recognition that affords such communities a form of autonomy. One key comparison is the aboriginal communities of Australia and those of Canada, whereby claims for recognition based on the uniqueness of ethnicity have left a bad taste in the mouth of white nationals.

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