Essay about Australi The Land Of Opportunity

Essay about Australi The Land Of Opportunity

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Australia is known as the land of opportunity, where all people are considered equal, and freedom is enjoyed. However, for the Indigenous people of Australia this has not always been the case. In the past, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people have not always shared the same rights. Land, cultural and basic human rights were taken away when the first settlers arrived as Aboriginals were seen as an inferior race (Lindqvist, 2007, p.4). The issue of Indigenous Australians gaining recognition for their rights has been going on for many years. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are entitled to have their claims acknowledged. These are stated in relevant human rights treaties, which includes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (ANTar, 2015). The key Indigenous rights within Australia are land, culture and humanity. Hence, this essay will explore the history of these factors, and how they have been affected over the years.
For the Aboriginal people, land is an important part of their legacy. It is the ‘mother’ from which they used to source food and live (Kauffman, 1998, p.1). Before the settlers arrived in 1788, Australia was known as Terra Nullius meaning a land, as such, belonging to no one (Lindqvist, 2007, p.3). The Indigenous people of Australia were exiled from their own country as the English deemed Australia a place without inhabitants as they did not see the Aboriginals as a civilised race (, 2015). The colonisation of Australia was devastating for the Indigenous people, who have existed on this land for more than 60,000 years. For years, they have been fighting to have their land rights recognised. In Gumatj Elders Milirrpum versus Na...

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...d admired by the Europeans. In 1832 Yagan speared William Gaze while William was labouring along the Canning River. A bounty of 20 pounds was put on Yagan’s head and he was declared an outlaw. He evaded capture for a year before he was shot and killed by William Keats while out walking with a group of Noongar men. William’s brother, James, collected the bounty for Yagan after William was killed. His head was brutally hacked from his body, wedged in a hollow tree stump and then smoked with gum leaves to preserve it. A band of possum fur string with two red and black cockatoo feathers were wrapped around Yagan’s head and was sent to England where it was displayed in Liverpool museum. The death of Yagan had a negative impact on the Noongar people. In 1997, His head was brought back to Perth and was finally laid to rest in the Swan Valley (, 2015).

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