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Australi A Diverse Country Essay

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Australia is a very diverse country; it is comprised of different groups of people from various economic status and social background. Due to this diversity, opportunities and educational attainment differ from people to people as social and cultural factors continue to contribute disadvantage to less fortune students and advantages for the more fortunate. It has been recognized that whilst inequality exists within the educational system, it can be addressed by distinguishing the role the school plays in creating the inequality. Therefore, Australian educational systems have been undertaking measurements to address and alter these inequalities so that there will be a more evenly distributed educational outcome. In this essay, the issue of diversity in social-economic background and cultural background being understood/represented both fairly and problematically will be addressed.
According to Stephen Lamb (2015), “Education is an important mechanism through which opportunity and success are determined. Yet the opportunities offered by Australia’s education system are far from fairly and evenly distributed.” Professor Trevor Gale states that context is significant in education, seventy percent of individuals and average social background influences a child’s educational outcome and that thirty percent is influenced by the quality of teaching. From this data, we can confirm that Socio-economic status (SES) plays an immense role in the outcome of a child’s educational success. In fact, as Connell, White and Johnson claimed in 1992, it is a well-known fact that children in Australia who are from disadvantaged backgrounds are much less likely to succeed at school than children from more privileged ones (Ewing, 2013). Children in low ...

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...ver impact the quality of education they acquire and the curriculum should be relatable and inclusive for all students irrespective of the different cultural capital they have admittance to.
Australia is a multicultural society where forty-four percent of Australians are born in other countries or are children of parents from other countries. Cultural background is another factor that contributes to the diversity of a child, it is a mixture of ideas and practices of meanings and activities into which people are initiated, and to which they may subscribe as ways of living (Lawrence et al., 2012). Children who settle in a new country as immigrants or refugees usually experience three changes; a change in sense of place (a sense of home), change in a sense of identity (sense of self), a change in moving into some specific parts of a culture (subgroups and their rules).

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