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Auschwitz : The Concentration Camp Essay examples

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     Imagine one day waking up and leaving your family, your house, your possessions, and your life behind. You do not know where you’re going, or how long it will take to arrive at a destination. You are thrown into a cramped, small space with hundreds of strangers; some dead and some dying. It’s hard to stay positive in a situation like this. You have no clue what it is going on. You are on your way to the most deadly and most well known concentration camp. Its name is Auschwitz. The thought of ever leaving this place is the only hope that you and those have around you, and chances are slim.

Auschwitz, also known as Auschwitz- Birkenau was located in Oswiecim, Poland. It was the largest and most deadly concentration camp . The camp was set up in April 27, 1940 with the leading commander Heinrich Himmler, who was the chief of the Schutzstaffel, a military commander, and a leading member of the Nazi Party. In June 1940, the first group of prisoners have arrived. Trains have been arriving daily and by March 1942 the population of the camp was 10,900. Auschwitz had many different groups people that were sent there; Jews from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Gypsies, homosexuals and many others. By the end of World War II more than 1 million people lost their lives at Auschwitz and a total of 6 million European Jews. Auschwitz was surrounded by high electric barbed wire fences, which were guarded by armed SS soldiers and dogs.

When you finally arrive at Auschwitz after two full days of traveling in a cargo train without sleep, food or water. Upon arrival the Nazi doctor will split the people into groups of men, women, old, sick, young and healthy. On the left there were young men that were going to be put to work and to the right were...

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... The entire Holocaust is often something that people do not want to think about but I believe that it is important to be educated on this subject to avoid something like this ever happening again. I hope that the fear that the Nazis felt never returns.


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