Auschwitz Birkenau : Life At The Camp ( 2015 ) Essay

Auschwitz Birkenau : Life At The Camp ( 2015 ) Essay

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The author provides detailed information on the living conditions in camp hospitals. The article provides a general overview of Auschwitz concentration camps. The author provides information on how the concentration camps were two stories from the beginning and then by the end of 1940 they became single story blocks. Eventually they made it two stories again with two large rooms upstairs and numbers of rooms downstairs. The blocks were supposed to hold 700 prisoners, but ended up holding 1,200 prisoners. As a result, prisoners were sleeping on straw-stuffed mattresses on the floor; since it was over crowded they only could sleep on their side. The author also informs the audience that, the head physician’s overall responsibility was to overlook the state of hygiene and overseeing the Soviet Union camp doctors.
Auschwitz-Birkenau: living conditions, labor & executions. (n.d.). Retrieved June 07, 2016,
The author provides vivid information on the living conditions and how prisoners were fed during the concentration camp. The information is vital because the author describes different types of living conditions that can affect the spread of diseases. For example, in Auschwitz where our book took place there were two different living conditions Auschwitz I, Jews would live in old brick barracks, where wooden bunks were installed and was forced as a living area as well. The second type of living condition was made out of wooden stable-barracks. This bunker was designed to fix 52 horses, instead it held hundreds Jews in each barrack. On the other hand, the Jews received three meals a day (breakf...

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...derstanding of typhus disease. Some of the medical doctors in the concentration camps wanted to find ways to prevent the spread of infectious disease. The author explains that typhus, in particular, was widespread due to the lack of medicines and technology to treat the disease or supplies to sustain sanitary conditions. As a result, thousands of Jewish people died from a slow and suffering death. Due to over-crowded living conditions and a lack of medical care and technology in the past. Because of these deaths, the Germans established a semi organize camps to prevent the spread of diseases, but with the lack of proper food, clothing, and shelter, it took a terrible turn. Most of the prisoners spent their time to dig holes in the ground as second shelter to prevent getting sick. By the end of the war typhoid and dysentery was known as the main cause of death.

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