Essay about Auschwitz: An Extermination Camp

Essay about Auschwitz: An Extermination Camp

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Torture, a word only used in movies. You would never think of it happening in real life. Yet in Auschwitz, people faced torture and something far worse: death. Most people know Auschwitz as one of the deadliest concentration camps. But what some people aren’t aware of is that Auschwitz was an extermination camp. Millions of people, not only Jews, died in the camp due to the mass killings inflicted by the Nazis. Life in Auschwitz was something that people would call a living hell. The only way out of the camp was death. The able-bodied prisoners were sentenced to labor, later they would die from starvation. Jews, Gypsies, Soviets, and other people were imprisoned in the Auschwitz camp. The death toll still hasn’t been totaled yet. It averages from 1 million to 6 million deaths in the camp. “The camp was established in May 1940 which was a year before the Germans embarked the 'Final Solution' to the 'Jewish Question'' (Luke Travels). The plan was to murder all Jews living in Europe The prisoner population increased from 11,000 prisoners to 18,000. People from Russia came to the camp because they were prisoners of war (Berkeley Heights). “The Soviets were told to undress and leave everything they had so that they could be disinfected.” After they were disinfected, they got a cotton blanket and a tin for soup. They only got to take shower every two months. And when other Soviets died, the newer Soviets came to take their belongings (Berkeley Heights). “The first gas chamber in Auschwitz was called 'The Little Red House' for its red brick exterior. Another gas chamber was made and was 'The Little White House'.” One thousand two hundred people could be gassed at one time (Bsky B).
“The direct reason for the establishment of this cam...

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...anced, the Nazis made a desperate last attempt to destroy all evidence of Auschwitz (Candlewick). The Soviets saw unspeakable things including frozen dead bodies. It was something that was meant for a horror movie, not real life.
Auschwitz is considered the worst concentration camp to ever exist. Many lives have been ended at Auschwitz. At least 1 million of them were Jews. 370,000 men suits, 837,000 woman’s garments, 8.5 tons of hair was found when the Soviets liberated Auschwitz on January 27th, 1945. Also, the Soviets found frozen dead bodies that were left behind from the Nazis. Even today, reading stories about this camp gives people goosebumps. Auschwitz is one of the most deadly concentration camps. It will never be forgotten and forgiven for the misery and massacre it has caused to so many innocent people. The camp still lies in Poland today for tourism.

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