Essay on Augustus Of The Roman Republic

Essay on Augustus Of The Roman Republic

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Augustus Caesars success
Before there was an Augustus Caesar or even Julius Caesar in charge of Rome, there was the Senate, which held most of the power in the Roman Republic. Around the time of 60 B.C.E. Rome was growing and so was the military and the senate was not able to control them, thus leading to a civil war which consisted of three generals: Julius Cesar, Pompey, and Crassus. Needless to say Crassus died in battle and the senate sided with the general Pompey then told Julius Caesar to leave and disband his army. Julius decided not to do this and instead crossed the Rubicon river and was able to defeat the senate and Pompey making him (Julius) the ruler of the Republic of Rome. Four years later the senate finally got tired of Julius Caesar and assassinated him which made the disorder inside of Rome even worse. This leads to how Augustus came to be the leader of Rome at the ripe old age of 19. Augustus was a hugely successful, he was able to quickly quell the romans civil war, consolidate the power of the senate and military, and finish conquering the surrounding area of Rome and even Egypt. (WRW. Sc.#7, pp.75-77, 79-81,88-90) (McKAY. pp.146)
Augustus’s first string of victories to make Rome into the powerhouse of an empire that it was, was to gain control of the senate. Of course Augustus consolidated and brought all of the powers of Rome closer together allowing Augustus to slowly take most of the Republics power for himself. Some of the titles and powers that he senate executively gave to Augustus were: “principate”, this means meant “first citizen” which was basically the claim to emperor. Then there was “tribunica potestas” full power of the tribunes, which allowed Augustus Caesar to call the entire senate into a se...

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...ns to arches having images of Augustus ingrained onto them, these images just reinforced the image of Augustus and how much of a god amongst man that people put him up as. (WRW. Sc. #2,3,8-10, pp.78-84, 91-92) (McKAY. pp. 146, 148-153)
Augustus was a man who started off with a father who was just assassinated and a Rome that was consuming itself in civil war. Yet through all of these hardships he was able to take lead and stop the civil war that was plaguing his home and then quickly conquer nearby areas and Egypt. He consolidated power within himself he turned the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire even if he chose to deny the fact until the day he died. Augustus Caesar was successful in almost anything he did, he was able to spread the power and influence of Rome, maintain peace before his death. (WRW. Sc. #6-7, pp. 75-77, 79-81, 87-90) (McKAY. pp. 146-150, 154)

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