Augustus Caesar And The Roman Powers Of Ancient Rome And A Member Of The Second Triumvirate

Augustus Caesar And The Roman Powers Of Ancient Rome And A Member Of The Second Triumvirate

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Augustus Caesar was the one of the main powers in ancient Rome and a member of the second triumvirate. When one of the other members, Mark Antony, committed suicide along with his lover, Cleopatra, there was a lot of outrage being expressed by the entire general populace about what was going on with the state of their country. Augustus was now the undisputed political and militaristic power in Rome. Now that he had attained such power, he wanted to maintain it at all costs. To do this, he had to be backed by not only the Roman senate and Aristocracy; but also by Rome’s everyday citizen. In an effort to change public opinion about him, Augustus turned where many other leaders in history have; propoganda.
The propaganda that Augustus spread wasn’t very different from what can be seen in today’s news media. Its purpose was to persuade the public into thinking that Augustus was a mighty and just leader. Perpetuating the image that he was far superior to anyone who dared challenge his political or militaristic capability. The only real difference in his propaganda and the type found in modern times is the medium in which he choose to spread it. Poetry was very popular in early Rome, especially those of epics. Because epic poetry was so integral to the Roman society, Augustus sought out one of the best poets and tasked Virgil with writing a work to sway public opinion about him. After receiving payment ahead of time, Virgil dedicated the rest of life to writing The Aeneid. Despite being written by the arguably best poet of ancient Rome, The Aeneid propaganda older than the word itself. Because of this the entire piece’s potential degree of literary grandeur is incredibly stifled.
“I sing of warfare and a man of war.” (1. 1) The way th...

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...ore great tales.
In the Odyssey, Aeneas is mentioned very sparingly throughout the piece and lacks much character development or background. For Virgil, this would be a golden opportunity to expand on the origins and adventures of this great hero. His existence pre-dated Rome, but was still close enough in time that he could logically be a founder of the great city. So, he borrows the character and some of the plot from the Odyssey and constructs a tale to deliver him all the way from the city of Troy to shores of Italy. The artistic liberties he takes, particularly the ones found in book six of The Aeneid, do a very effective job of fabricating a bond using the tangible present with the abstract history rooted only in speculation.
In the later lines of the sixth chapter, when Aeneas’ father is pointing out important members in history, the connection is made that

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