Augustus Caesar And The Roman Culture Essay

Augustus Caesar And The Roman Culture Essay

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Augustus Caesar, Emperor Constantine, and Pericles were all significant leaders and each of their cultures were very influential. Augustus Caesar led Rome’s transformation from republic to empire, and served as its first emperor until his death. Emperor Constantine on the other hand served as a Roman army officer, as well as emperor of Rome from 306 to 337 CE, generally understood as the first Christian Emperor of the Roman world. Pericles, was a prominent Greek statesman, orator, and general of Athens during the Golden Age. All were indeed significant leaders that lived through very important time periods. But once they were all deceased and united in the afterlife, the big question of whose time period or culture had a greater influence became the topic of discussion, creating a commotion. Each went on to state why they thought that their specific culture left more important contributions to the Western world.
Augustus Caesar began by saying the Roman culture left a lot of very valuable things behind to represent their legacy through art. The ancient Roman Culture created art that was set on cultural value, religious beliefs, as well as technological achievements. He stated, “Roman art is art that brings diverse elements together to produce something entirely new, with a powerful message-bearing potential, which led to Rome’s extraordinary successful expansion.” Roman did not believe, as we do today, that to have a copy of an artwork was any less that to have the original. It is also true that many Romans duplicated versions of famous Greek works from earlier centuries; this is why we often have marble versions of lost Greek Bronzes such as the Doryphoros by Polykleitos. An example Caesar used was Augustus of Primaporta from ...

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...ually a Roman copy of a lost Greek bronze. Polykleitos, the artist who created Doryphoros, was in search for an ideal system of proportions rooted in a philosophical quest for illumination and believed that harmony in the universe could be expressed in mathematical terms. In general, Greek art like this tended to focus on near perfect proportions and balanced symmetry.
Ultimately, all three Leaders had an influence and impact on the western world. But mostly importantly they all shaped and helped each other become the great world powers they were artistically. The Greek inspired the Romans both artistically and architecturally, while Christian art stemmed from Roman paganism. Essentially, they were all equally important and since one wouldn 't be the same without the other, you can say that they all served the role as significant contributors to the Western world.

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