Auditors in the Business World Essay

Auditors in the Business World Essay

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Accounting is the process of identifying, recording, and communicating the economic events of an organization to interested users to make sound decisions. In accounting identifying economic events involves selecting the economic activities related to a particular organization such as paying out salaries to employees of a particular entity. In turn, once these economic activities have been identified they are recorded in the books daily into a systematic system measured in dollars. These economic events are then classified and summarized by an accounting system. The data gathered from the economic events are then translated into financial statements and communicated to internal and external users interested in the economic health of the company.

Accounting is a very broad field with endless opportunities in the business world. However, accounting is divided into three major fields, which are public accounting, private accounting, and not-for-profit accounting. In public accounting expert services are provided by certified public accountant (CPA) to the public the same way a lawyer serves clients. Auditing plays a major role in public accounting; they examine the reliability of financial statements of entities and express an educated opinion. Taxation is another essential part of public accounting. Tax specialists are responsible for the planning and preparation of tax returns as well as to adhere to the guidelines and regulations of the IRS in representation of their clients. Private accounting on the other hand consist of working within an organization in various areas of its accounting department such as general accounting focusing on recording daily transactions and preparing financial statements; cost accounting ...

... middle of paper ... more then 15 minutes, and recorded and/or written report gathered in the meeting should be added value” (interviewing technique for, 2010).


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