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Audience Analysis
While giving a speech one must take in consideration of what will capture the audience’s attention, and what will not. There are also certain factors that may affect the audience’s reception of one’s speech. Some factors include audience size, the location of where the speech is going to be, how much time one has and gender composition. These are some examples of situational characteristics and audience demographics that can take a toll on one’s speech.
Many will say that size does not matter, but in reality it does. When giving a speech it is important that one knows how many people will attend and be there. “The number of audience members affects how you’ll craft and deliver your message” (Fraleigh, 2011, p. 123). Knowing whether one has a big audience or small audience helps determine the speaker how they will address their speech. Depending on the audience size, the speaker will have to be aware how he or she will have to introduce themselves to their audience. For example, if the audience is small it is more likely for the speaker to interact more with the audience, since the audience is small. On the other hand, if the audience is big the speaker will be less likely to interact and communicate with everyone simply because, the audience is too big, and the speaker cannot get to everyone in he audience.
Where the speaker is going to say his or her speech can also take an affect on the speaker speech. If the speaker did not plan ahead, and did not take into consideration where he or she is going to say their speech it can be a potential problem. It is important to know where one will be giving a speech, so that the speaker can bring the right equipment to improve the sound. The setting can vary, for example a...

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...because the speech does not grab their attention. Making a speech that includes both genders will make it easier for the speaker to interact with both male and females, rather than just one sex. Also the speaker must take in consideration to “never assume what they now about an individual audience member’s views based on gender” (Fraleigh, 2011, p. 133).
Overall, when making a speech, one must take several characteristics of the audience to develop their speech to the best of their ability, and to capture the audience’s attention at all times, from the beginning till the end of the speech, possibly making the audience wanting more. Whether it’s situational characteristics or audience demographics, they both play a big important role in one’s speech, and must be taken in consideration along with being aware of some potential problems that the speaker might encounter.

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