The Attribution Theory Is Essential For Coaching And Understanding Our Athletes And Their Motivations

The Attribution Theory Is Essential For Coaching And Understanding Our Athletes And Their Motivations

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The attribution theory is essential to coaching and understanding our athletes and their motivations. Throughout sports and competitive activities, individuals are determining whether the activity they are doing is a success or a failure. But the real question that needs to be asked is why are they attributing something as a success or a failure. What is guiding them to view something that can be as simple as getting out of bed in the morning as a success or failure? This paper will dive into why the attribution theory is so critical to coaching and how you can use it to guide yourself, your players, and your teams to become as successful as possible.
The attribution theory is important to us as a coaching staff because it will help to guide us in how to react in the different stages of competition and will help to give our athletes the opportunity to reach peak physical performance and outcome. It will not only help them to reach their optimal peak performance, but will also help them to become people of good character when they are no longer playing the sport. We would like to be able to introduce and model to our athletes that it is acceptable to make mistakes once in awhile, yet you have to learn from and correct those mistakes in order to keep moving forward.
A large part of our future image as coaches is that we want to be a positive influences on our teams. We would like to do this by focusing on how our teams can improve and learn how to use the talent and hard work to achieve optimal performance from our athletes. This is because athletes need a stable cause to attribute their success to and we believe that our understanding of mistakes happening would help them realize the causes for their successes and failures are con...

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...d at like “you can do better than that, get moving!”, while others may feel helpless from that reaction and would prefer to be pulled aside and given the opportunity to assess their own performance and then given the chance to redeem themselves with another try. By being mindful of each individual player and utilizing the theory, we, as coaches, can be an extrinsic motivator while promoting intrinsic motivation in our players.
Overall, the attribution theory plays an important part in the way we speak to our players as coaches because our goal is to encourage intrinsic motivation within our players and do our part in getting them there, as well as keeping them focused on performance versus outcome. The attribution theory gives us the tools we need to understand how to do this and how to cultivate a successful team along with successful players at an individual level.

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