The Attribution Theory Influences Acadmic Motivation Essay

The Attribution Theory Influences Acadmic Motivation Essay

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Attribution theory is probably the most influential contemporary theory with implications for academic motivation. It incorporates behaviour modification in the sense that it emphasizes the idea that learners are strongly motivated by the pleasant outcome of being able to feel good about themselves. It incorporates cognitive theory and self-efficacy theory in the sense that it emphasizes that learners' current self-perceptions will strongly influence the ways in which they will interpret the success or failure of their current efforts and hence their future tendency to perform this same behaviours.-(copy by Weiner, 1980-1992) Here got a nine graduate attributes to imbue in our throughout the course of our studies at USCI university for success. The attributes that I already have in the nine graduate attributes is effective communication and leadership. However, also got a lot of attributes do not process but would like to develop during I study here; these are creative and critical thinking abilities, lifelong learning and engaged global citizen. These attributes are the way to let me tend to the successful.

Effective communication
The effective communication that I got because I like to chat and befriend with anyone even stranger. Though these I learned how to handle the personal psychological and convince a people in a psychological, then I also got the nice interpersonal relationship. I joined any events during my period of secondary school such as debate that it could improved my talking skill and drama acting let me learned the body language in my dialog and all these skill can let me more powerful in the chatting with people. At the debate, I throughout observes challenge to learn how to let...

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... we can share our cultural with their to communicate effectively in cross-cultural contexts. We also can become more knowledge about international current issues throughout chatting with them. The cultural not a wall between our, that will become a bridge to link our relation.
Generally, our personality is considered to be the totality of character attributes and behavioural traits that possess. My personality will differentiate me from another person, such as my spouse, personal friend, neighbour, associate at work, and others. The type of personality me develop through the stages of life can adversely or positively affect my current life situation or future plans. Factors such as individual attributes, social attributes, how what I don’t know can affect myself, the keys to success from developing my personality, among others, will be of interest to me.

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