Essay about Attribute Based Encryption Access Policy

Essay about Attribute Based Encryption Access Policy

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In Attribute based encryption access Policy of algorithm is associated with Private Key of user where leaf nodes are attributes coming from fuzzy identity. Based on the attributes possessed by the user the access to the asset will be granted. The attribute based key policy encryption setup algorithm generates Alice’s master key. Alice’s identity is being decided by key policy which in turn is being decided from identity. Key Policy algorithm generates private key for Alice. Cherishma encrypt message M with set of attributes k. Priyanka can decrypt M if her key policy is satisfied with K.Alice can decrypt M if her key policy is satisfied with k. For Example Alice can decrypt the file encrypted with set of attributes {“Information Technology”, “Admission Committee”}.But Alice cannot decrypt the cipher text associated with attributes {“Information technology”, “Program”} .The difference between key policy and cipher text policy attribute based encryption is , in key policy attribute based encryption access policy depends on private key and in cipher text policy attribute based encryption access policy depends on cipher text. The Hierarchical attribute based encryption is a combination of hierarchical identity based encryption and cipher text policy attributes based encryption. The Hierarchical attribute based encryption is classified into trees according to their relationship defined in the access control system. For example employee database access control depends on hierarchical attribute based encryption. According to concept of hierarchical attribute based encryption manager has privilege to access the entire data in the company. Team leader has privilege to access the employee’s details and his own data in the company. Employee ...

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...the storage site. No secret key is generated. The user cannot generate the secret key needed for the decryption of the message. When the user wants to give or release the information to a receiver user can derive the secret key by using the same string that was used to create the public key. Key management is simplified, since the user can generate the secret key on-demand without keeping track of which keys were used to encrypt which data. The string must be consistent that is the only requirement.
Encryption is done by using Encrypt(m,str) and based on this the cipher text c is determined. Note step 1 and 2 are done only once for the derivation of public key Ystr.
Algorithm 1. Encrypt(m,public_key)
1. Determine the String str based on the agreement.
2. Generate public key Ystr.
3. Execute Encryption of the data using Encryption (m, Ystr) to obtain c.

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