Attitudinal Changes and Mindset in Public Education Essay

Attitudinal Changes and Mindset in Public Education Essay

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The American attitude and mindset for public education has changed significantly as the year transition from 1933 to 1969, and then 1993. In 1933, American politicians and citizens were primarily concerned with funding for public education. As a result, the idea of educational change remained as discussions and debates in American society. In 1969, the fervor for educational change increased, which resulted in actions for promoting change in public education. Finally, in 1993, all the efforts put forth in advocating for educational change became prominent.
American attitudes toward education in 1933 were more objective and detached than the attitudes in 1993. A news article in 1933 reported that the National Conference on Financing of Education’s plan for funding education was to demand federal aid. The report made by the National Conference associated education as federal responsibilities, for a “Democratic society is under obligation… to provide adequate education for youth at public expense” (“Report Urges More Federal Education Aid, 1933). Therefore, the National Conference advocated for federal aid on a continuing policy. Some of the suggestions made for federal funding were to collect taxes, borrow money, and to grant or loan money to the states. However, it appeared that the National Conference was hesitant to push the plan through Congress or to impose the plan upon American citizens. After proposing their plain, the National Conference asked citizens “to appraise” the plan “until it is a fair expression of the American ideal” (“Report Urges More Federal Education Aid,” 1933).
The National Conference’s hesitation demonstrated the attitudes of the 1930’s. Although the American society recognized the importance of an educati...

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