Essay about The Attitudes Towards Violence and Guns

Essay about The Attitudes Towards Violence and Guns

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Youth violence has passed epidemic proportions. Many youth are seen in the emergency rooms due to violent behavior. Homicide is the second cause of death in adolescents and young adults. The Attitude Towards Guns and Violence addresses the fondness towards violence of youth today. It is a simple scale that covers four different areas. It has been tried in at least two different areas. Even though, it has limitations it alerts professionals of threats of possible violence and can be used to assure that interventions are in place to mold the attitude in a different direction.

Youth Violence
Any person can type in the words violence and youth in a search engine on the internet and get a host of replies. The person can type in causes of youth violence and the responses narrow in number. If the person types in assessments and interventions for youth violence the number becomes even small. The violence involving the youth of the United States continues to rise. Violence among youths and young adults results in emotional, physical, social, and economic stress (CDC,2010). Homicide is the second leading cause of death among America’s young. It is also a major cause of non-fatal injuries. There were 650.843 youth injuries related to violence seen in the emergency rooms across the United States.
As violence continues to rise the understanding behind the rise is still not exceptionally clear. It stems from the fact that violence has always been a part of our society(Noguera, 1994). While some forms of violence are frowned upon, others are glorified in the media. Violence in the media is huge entertainment for today’s society. The one fact that has become clear is that violen...

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...ams. Berkley, California.
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