Attitudes That Formed A Nation Essay

Attitudes That Formed A Nation Essay

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At the start of the American Revolution, the attitudes of the American colonist were that of entitlement, born from the rise of religious reform and evolving into the right of self government. To fully grasp the magnitude of these attitudes, we must ask if the thoughts and actions of the American colonists would have even been fathomable without the Reformation. Sparked by the posting of Martin Luther’s ninety-five theses in 1517, the Reformation was a turning point in the authority of the church and the ability of the common people to significantly influence positive change. The rise of the middle class, an increase in education, and questions about the church’s authority and legitimacy were all key components that helped spark the Reformation. However, were the elements leading up to ultimate reform enough to influence the thoughts of the American colonists?
One of the main reasons why the Reformation was so successful was due to the rise of the middle class. Europe was primarily a land based society. Many people were farmers, and had been for generations. Land was used for sustenance farming, and controlling it represented the control of people’s way of living, which translated to power and position in society. As trade became more popular, farmers began growing crops for trade instead of sustenance. Farmers, laborers, and businessmen began to capitalize on the growing trade industry. The higher crop yields used for trade were extremely profitable and gave an influx of wealth into the population, helping to grow the middle class. The rise of thalassocracy’s or sea republics greatly impacted trade as well. Countries and trading companies such as the British East India Company began forming large naval armadas, using them to co...

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...ct specific theological ideas and broadcast them to the general population, contributing to the influence of change; however, they were still forced to flee the country for fear of persecution and retaliation due to their beliefs.
The attitudes that were present in the American colonists, influenced by the reformation, were abundant. Had there not been a reformation, the thoughts, actions, and motivations for the American colonists to settle a new land and make it their own world would have been nonexistent. The reformation gave the colonists the fight to create their own government, create their own church, and settle a new land. They realized they were allowed and entitled to creating their own answers to questions and forming solutions to solve problems they faced. Without the reformation, the creation of the United States of America may have never happened.

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