Essay about Attitude Formation Theories Help People With Disabilities

Essay about Attitude Formation Theories Help People With Disabilities

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An attitude is the value a person assigns to something or someone. For example, individuals have differing attitudes against all kinds of aspects such as immunisations, asylum seekers and people with disabilities. People may have either a negative or positive attitude towards these particular examples because of numerous internal and external factors. Attitude formation theories help us understand how another person’s attitude takes shape and why people have these specific beliefs. Often, peoples attitudes about something will reflect in their behaviour and how they act towards it.

According to Fazio and Olson, an attitude is an “organisation of beliefs, feelings and behavioural tendencies towards socially significant objects, groups, events or symbols” (Vaughan & Hogg, 2014, p.597). Fazio and Olson’s definition of attitudes relate to the ABC attitude formation theory. The theory is that attitudes can be divided into three seperate components; affective, behavioural and cognitive. The affective component involves an individual’s feelings or emotion about an object. The behavioural component involves the way in which attitudes influence the way we act or behave and the cognitive component involves a person’s belief or knowledge about object. For example, if i was to see a person with disability in public i would have a calm and open-minded emotion towards them (affective) and act with respect by not staring at them and treating them as i would any other human being (behavioural). I would be thinking and acting this because i have grown up in an environment very accepting of people with disabilities as my mother works in that field allowing me to have extensive knowledge (cognitive). LaPiere investigated the differences between att...

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...sitivity on them helping our city and country become more accepting. By doing so, it enables special needs people to have a greater variety of jobs beings handed out to them in comparison to 50 years ago. Currently in the media, it is only particularly people with down syndrome who are being shed into a positive light but many of the other types of disabilities are being put in the shadows.

People’s attitudes are definitely changing, particularly the cognitive and behavioural aspects, but only a minimal amount. As everyones greatest external influence, the media lacks is still lacking focus on the countless other types of disabilities and many people are still misinformed which commonly leads to behavioural issues. It is important for the media to continue to provide us with positive media attention towards people with disabilities as it ultimately benefits everyone.

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