Atticus Finch, A Hero Essay

Atticus Finch, A Hero Essay

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Nuzhat Islam
Mr. Gould
Intro. To Literature Studies
17 April 2015
Atticus Finch, A Hero
What defines a hero? Is it the costume or the superhuman powers? Neither. A hero is a person who has heroic qualities or is known for various achievements. Heroes are all around us. They come in different shapes and sizes. They could be a normal person that is walking down the street. Atticus Finch a character from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird is considered one of the greatest literary heroes of the 20th century. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee published in 1960, is a fictional novel set in 1930s during the Jim Crow era. This book explores civil rights and racism in the segregated Southern United States during this time. It is about how the small town of Maycomb, Alabama is rocked by a court case involving a Negro man and a white woman. Atticus Finch is the attorney of the black man, Tom Robinson who has been wrongly accused of rape. Everyone in the town accepts Mayella Ewell, the accuser/“victim” story but Atticus believes that Tom Robinson is innocent and strives to prove it but in the end fails and Tom Robinson is convicted and later dies running away from his fate. Atticus is known for various qualities that he displayed during the novel as well as various achievements. Even though Atticus failed to save Tom Robinson he is still a hero for multiple reasons. Atticus is a hero because he is brave, shows integrity and is caring.

Throughout the novel, Atticus has demonstrated he is a hero by being brave. Bravery shows you are able to face your fears and stand tall. It is necessary for a hero to act even if they are afraid since they need to do what needs to be done. Atticus did what needed to be done when old Tim Johnson, the dog of ...

... middle of paper ... a hero because he exhibits certain heroic traits throughout the novel including bravery, integrity and compassion. Atticus is brave since he saved the town from Tim Johnson, he defended Tom Robinson even though most of the town was against him, and when he went to the jailhouse to protect Tom from the lynch mob. He has integrity since he was courteous and respectful to Mrs. Dubose even though she was not, he accepted Tom Robinson’s case to stick to his morals and principles and also when he refused to believe that Jem did not kill Bob Ewell. Atticus is caring since he had the decency to tell Tom Robinson’s family the bad news himself, he cares about Tom Robinson and his case, and he cares about his children enough to teach them the way life is. Although he is a fictional character, demonstrates that anyone can be a hero even if you do not have powers.

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