Atticus as a Wise Father in To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus as a Wise Father in To Kill a Mockingbird

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Lastly, I think that as a father, Atticus is extremely wise. Atticus’s wise parenting ultimately wins his children’s respect and trust, and their devotion to him runs deep. Atticus way of parenting is not typical, such as scolding and punishing. Instead, he parenting style is unique, different from other fathers and he is able to help the children learn from their experiences and thus they progress through levels of morality until they develop the compassionate ability to consider from others’ perspective and views . For example, when scout takes up cussing, Atticus does not deal with the situation directly by reprimanding and chiding her. Instead, he leaves her to cuss, knowing fully that it would just make her swear more. However in time, Scout realises on her own that it is not a right thing to do. I feel what Atticus did was intelligent as Scout may choose to rebel if Atticus interfered too much, and she might even hate him. However by letting her realise her own mistake, she will tend to mature as an teenager and be a better person. Atticus’s lessons are also taught by setting good examples for his children. By acting the same way that he wants his children to act, he is the perfect role model for them. He is wise as he is able to set ideal examples for his children by his actions such as defending his clients and treating others. By using this method of teaching, he is able to quietly and subtly pass on wisdom to his children about life, moral values and other virtues. Instead of talking more, he prefers to show.(EVIDENCE, ELABORATE) Also, Atticus is not a type of father who would love his children dearly all the time. At times, he will be firm and teach them harsh lessons about life when necessary. This is evident when he took Jem along with him to tell Helen Robinson about Tom Robinson’s death. This way, Atticus allows Jem to learn lessons about prejudice and other principles in life. Also, throughout the novel, Atticus works to develop his children’s respective consciences and character, through teaching vital lessons with objectives, such as though humanity has a great capability of evil and wrong doings, it also has a great capacity for good. Also, the evil can be looked upon as good, if one approaches things with an outlook of compassion and understanding, instead of hatred, thus his objective is to teach them to be more compassionate and gracious towards others in life.

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Additionally, Atticus treats his children very well, is devoted to them and gives them comfort and care. Atticus will always spend time with his children, even though he may be busy with his work. Additonally, he discusses their problems with them, compromising with them, treating them as “adults”. For example when Scout was chided by Miss Caroline Fisher for being too advanced and wants to quit school, Atticus teaches her to compromise, to understand others’ views more. He succeeds in convincing Scout that attending school was a must, and agrees to continue to read with her secretly. In my opinion, he is also smart, as with his continuous effort in loving his children, his children will in return respect and love him, which is shown in simple things like running to meet him after Atticus had finished his work. His children will also have a good childhood and will love their children in the future equally. Hence Atticus is also a intelligent and wise father, who educates and treats his children in a very unique manner
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