The Attention Surrounding The Misuse Of Guns Essay

The Attention Surrounding The Misuse Of Guns Essay

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The attention surrounding the misuse of guns and how people are using them to slaughter other innocent individuals is at an all time high. This specific issue needs to be heard around the world. How can we as a society tell our children when they grow up that they need to start wearing bulletproof vests under their clothes in order to protect them from harm. The National Government needs to look into our second amendment and realize that we are in an era where it only takes one man or woman to perpetrate a mass shooting. Many innocent lives have been lost due to religious belief and terrorism. Although there are little children playing with bazookas and Ak-47s the police or army is nowhere to be found that could control the issue at hand. “Recent survey shows that 86% of imprisoned juveniles owned at least a gun sometime in their lives”(Wright, Sheley, and Smith 84). Most citizens in the Middle East are taking affirmative action to try to leave the country and migrate somewhere in Europe or America. Let 's talk about the issue at hand in our country. USA has over 67% homicides because of guns besides the fact that we are the highest nation in the world for gun ownership, more than 50% of US citizens possess a firearm and it only takes one person to use the gun for harm intention on innocent lives, according to the Council of Foreign Relations. These days you hear stories about an officer murdering a suspect in cold blood due to the fact that he or she was a different race than the cop. To resolve this issue, cops should be limited on when to pull out their guns on a suspect, especially when they are in the process of being arrested. People hate to see a family lose their loved ones because of a shooting incident.

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... and their supporters argue that gun violence is one of the most significant inflators of health care costs”(Schneider 98). The Government needs to manufacture a new alternative on who can own a firearm and test to see who is fit to own a gun and who is not. Many known criminals have been known to easily purchase a weapon at a gun store and then later use it to commit a crime. The Gun Association needs to come up with a solution to clean this mess up. There needs to be stricter tests and a full on physical evaluation performed by a doctor in order to purchase a weapon. I think this will greatly help our crime rate and also decrease police killings and of course terrorism. The United States needs to be one of the safest nations in the world for guns, but the system is not working to protect ourselves and it’s actually causing many issues that are plaguing our country.

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