Essay on Attention Notes On Attention Deficit Disorder

Essay on Attention Notes On Attention Deficit Disorder

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One of the concerns with Minnie’s learning and behavior problems was the possibility of an attention deficit disorder. Attention deficit disorder is often accompanied by various emotional and other neurological disorders. Although there is no pure test of attention, several objective measures and observation tools can be used to measure components of attention skills. Parent rating scales on the BASC-3 and the Conners-3 along with interviews, and examiner observations were used to assess concentration. Difficulty with focusing, encoding, and shifting are often associated with attention difficulties.

Minnie appears to have difficulty focusing. According to parent ratings, Minnie has trouble keeping her mind on work, often making it difficult to complete her work, she is easily distracted, and has trouble concentrating. This is consistent with Ms. Mouse’s report that Minnie require frequent reminders to stay on task when completing homework. Furthering that Minnie also requires frequent reminders to complete chores and to get ready in the morning. During the examination sessions, Minnie appeared to be easily and consistently distracted. She engaged in in fidgeting behavior including: playing with clay, spinning in a chair, tapping a pen, and touching the testing materials During free play, Minnie appeared less distracted and could sustain attention on desired activities such as playing with clay or beads.
The ability to encode and manipulate information held in mind is working memory and related to executive functioning. The WISC-V measured Minnie’s working memory. Minnie demonstrated some difficulty with these tasks, when given a series of numbers and asked to recall them, Minnie struggled when given more than three numbers....

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...ory of the problem, it is not likely that her difficulties with attention fully account for her reading delays although they may play a role in her struggles.

Classroom tasks typically involve reading assignments, drawing conclusions, and working to gain meaning from the information provided. Minnie likely experiences difficulties with these tasks which may negatively affect her ability to understand and complete assignments in various subject areas. Because reading is so difficult, Minnie may find it harder to focus on these types of tasks more so than other academic areas. For example, math is easier for her, so she may concentrate more on math related tasks, which in turn, results in better performance on these tasks. Conversely, Minnie struggles with reading related tasks so she may lose her focus more quickly on these tasks, perpetuating a negative cycle.

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