Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Posttraumatic stress disorder, depression; excessive washing hands, hearing discourage voice in mind, nightmares, insecurity, stressful all day long… Life couldn’t be any more challenging. The pain and fear from childhood, shame of having mental disorders, insecurity of trusting anyone and discouraged of doing anything, these doesn’t kill a person but left them just barely breathing. Do you know anyone in your life that suffers more than one mental disorders? Can you imagine living a life with all these symptoms that overwhelms you every day? My first and only girlfriend suffered from all these disorders since young. She had a rough childhood and bad things that happened to her are all out of her control. Honestly, I have always had negative impressions toward any kind of mental disorders before I know her. I’ve always thought that they are weird, they think differently than the rest of us do, they don’t act the way we do. On top of that, I never thought that I would ever be close to anyone with disorders because I would refuse to be friends with them. After knowing my girlfriend is suffering with multiple mental disorders, I was shocked, mind blown, confused, and afraid

because I did not see that coming at all and before I realize it, it was all too late…she is my responsibility now.

When I was sophomore in high school, I noticed a quite girl sitting at the back of the classroom. She was shy and didn’t like to talk. During lunch, I decided to invite her to our lunch table to become friends with my friends. Soon after I introduced her to my friends, she got more comfortable chatting with us after each day. Then I found her has a very good sense of humor, ve...

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...our strengths. I promised myself to be brave as she did and face the disorder together instead of running away from it. I would go to therapist with her every time just to understand her more and learn what I can do to help her get through tough times. I have spent lots of time talking to her and her mom and fortunately we are all positive towards it! I have also spent lots of time accepting her as her and wish she could just be herself and make her life easier. After all, the most important lesson that I learnt that is responsibilities. I am proud of myself that I did not turn around and walk away like her father did. I learnt that the most important element no matter it’s about education, career, relationship, it is

responsibility. As a 19 years old college student, what I can provide her is very limited, but my patience and support will be her biggest medication.

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