Attending School Past High School Essay

Attending School Past High School Essay

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Within the past decade, more and more kids have been given the opportunity to attend school past high school, something that the previous generations have not had. In a current news release, The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that, “Of the 2.9 million youth age 16 to 24 who graduated from high school between January and October 2014, about 68.4 percent were enrolled in college in October” (BLS Economic News Release from April 2015). When a student decides to go to college, they usually think that they are free from all the basic classes that they disliked in high school, and that in college you can just take the time to focus on the ones that interest you or that pertain to your career. But, rather quickly, they find that this is far from the truth. The students discover that college is not that much different than high school and that a majority of their first and second year there will be classes that they do not actually want to take, but instead have to, in order to attend and graduate. General education classes should not be required in college because most of the education that is taught has already been learned in high school and that a majority of the classes will have nothing to do with your major/ future career. These general classes can also be a huge waste of both time and effort on the student 's part.
My first reason why general education classes should not be required in college is because the topics that they are learning have already been taught in high school. In a news article by Elise Martorano, she nicely summarizes it by saying,
Every day between kindergarten and senior year of high school, we took classes in almost every subject area. The classes that challenged us in high school are still equally as lik...

... middle of paper ...

...d be taking classes that they have an interests in and they are more likely to put more effort into it because of this.
In conclusion, college is a huge milestone in a person 's life. What they do with their time and money during those years can be crucial to what they get out of it. General education classes should not be a requirement because they have already been taught a majority of the curricular in high school, some of the classes can have nothing to do with your major, and it can be a waste of money by spending it on classes that they are not interested in. By making it a requirement to take general classes, you are taking away time that they could be devoting to their interests and major. College should be a time where you focus on learning what you are gonna do for the rest of your life, not trying to learn every possible subject that a school can offer.

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