Essay on Attending A Top Ranking University

Essay on Attending A Top Ranking University

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• When I found out I was accepted to the University of Florida, I was over the moon with excitement to know I will be able to attend a top ranking university as a first generation student, but also realized I wanted to fully utilize my time here to progress and flourish. In high school, I held several influential positions such as President of Spanish Honor Society, Vice President of Key Club, and Treasurer of DECA. As a result of prior experience, I researched and joined different organizations at UF that suited my interests and goals ranging from leadership development programs to clubs that corresponded to my hobbies. Throughout my first year, I was ecstatic to find individuals who shared the same passions as me and who gave me opportunities to display my leadership potential. So far, I have been able to take the lead in organizing a networking event and single handedly contacted businesses to aid with fundraising efforts. Moreover, the Center of Leadership and Service has allowed me to find other ways to become an active member of the community especially through the Mentor UF and Days of Service program. I have always tried to do everything in my capacity to benefit the development of my community, no matter how big or small. Subsequently, when I 'm involved with a project on campus or at work, I aspire to do my absolute best to accomplish my objective. When I learned about the CLS Ambassador Program, I knew this would be a great organization to be a part of because I aspire to develop personally and professionally while also learning innovative leadership skills toward creating a social change, making crucial connections with members both on and off campus, and informing students of how the Center can aid them transform into...

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...lly have a safe, steady income. As I got older, I found myself volunteering frequently at the same soup kitchen and even found new ways to fundraise money toward better meals and food items for families to take home. At UF, I was excited to join service organizations because I understood the importance of how volunteering can really change the lives of many for the better not just for a resume booster or community service hours. Service is more to me than just simply performing an expected task but to actively go beyond that and genuinely be there to support others who need it. Without the kindness of a stranger, many like myself would find themselves with no motivation or desire to dream. However, with the aid of volunteers across the country, many are not afraid to go out and create a change for the better of society even if it’s just by changing one person’s life.

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