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Attending A Single Sex School Essay

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I can 't imagine how many times I have wondered what attending a single sex school would be like. It 's exciting to think that being part of an all girls school would allow me to grow as an ambitious and confident person due to the fact that there were no boys around. But it also reminded me how lucky I was to have met some pretty cool people in grade school, already, and how I would not have been able to meet them if I had gone to a school with only girls as my peers. Coming from a timid family, I often look back at how forgetful I could have been in an all girls class and how I would have to have gone the extra mile to remind my teacher how much I would be learning in their class. Being a part of a coed school community, I feel as though my teachers are able to understand me better since they have encountered an array of different types of students, both girls and boys, and have helped them excel in whatever subject they were studying. Speaking from personal experience, I feel as though it 's easier for me to communicate with both sexes, and any ideas or concepts of gender roles or how girls and boys should act are virtually never present in my mind. That 's why I believe that coed schooling is a more beneficial practice than single sex education.
Keeping kids in a single sex school is like throwing caution to the wind. When they are let into the real world, it 's as if one was letting the genie out of the bottle. Keep in mind that that is not always a good thing. Just as a genie can manipulate a wish in their favor and leave you dumbfounded, trying to figure things out on your own can leave you taken aback. As humans, we are very curious creatures and seek to understand things unknown to us. Needless to say, this curiosity is ...

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...ences. Although it is important to offer the choice between single sex and coed schooling, parents must allow their children to choose wherever they are most comfortable. The future is a time of acceptance and the only way for kids in school to learn to accept others is to actually be exposed to them. It would be more beneficial to society to continue with a majority of students in coed schools. Also, we must educate ourselves and those around us on the types of people you will be able to encounter in this world and how to prepare for something that may surprise you. Coeducational schooling can be more valuable than single sex schooling on the basis of how much more educated children will be, not in terms of books, but in terms of people, and how coeducation eases stereotypes and common misconceptions that will ultimately lead to a better society and a better world.

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