Attending A Professional Organization Conference Essay

Attending A Professional Organization Conference Essay

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Attending a professional organizations conference is beneficial for an individual to grow and further their personal development and professionalism. Professional associations offer their members numerous opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, or educational sessions, either local or out of state. Benefits of these resources include networking with fellow likeminded individuals, and building relationships. These opportunities expose members to gain additional insight and knowledge in the realm of higher education. The professional organization conference that I attended was, “Transforming Campus and School Hazing Culture,” as well a workshop on, “Bystander Intervention for Hazing Prevention,” presented by keynote speaker, Dr. Elizabeth J. Allan at California Lutheran University.
The National Hazing Prevention Consortium is a research-to-practice enterprise intended to contribute to an evidence base for hazing prevention. This consortium is comprised of eight colleges and universities from around the United States. The purpose and goal is to eliminate hazing and demonstrate how we can change the world and transform a culture of hazing into a better world. The duty is to strength the leaders of tomorrow by sharing knowledge and preventing individuals from the dangers of hazing. This consortium advocates the use of hazing prevention strategies that relates to campus settings. The members consist of prevention specialists and leaders in hazing research and bystander intervention and prevention evaluation. They are committed to build a framework for hazing prevention by building and testing models of prevention from various fields. The Consortium project involves campuses in a progression of directed activities over the cour...

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... was presented in the Saturday conference. Overall, both conferences left me inspired to be a leader of tomorrow and to understand that I play an important role in society and the lives of my future students.
In conclusion, there are numerous professional organizations available to those who desire to increase their personal and professional development. A professional organizations conference will provide an individual with valuable resources, such as, endless networking opportunities, and personal and career development growth. After attending the “Transforming Campus and School Hazing Culture,” as well the workshop, “Bystander Intervention for Hazing Prevention,” I have gained more knowledge on the topic, which in turn I will share with others. I now have a much better idea of what I can do to start the transformation of the hazing culture in my future practice.

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