Attending A Board Of Education Meeting Essay

Attending A Board Of Education Meeting Essay

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This assignment consisted of attending a board of education meeting in the county or city of your choice. I choose to attend a board of education meeting at the Whitfield County board of education which includes all of the following schools: Antioch, Beaverdale, Cedar Ridge, Cohutta, Dawnville, Dug Gap, Eastside, New Hope, Pleasant Grove, Tunnel Hill, Valley Point, Varnell, and Westside Elementary Schools, Eastbrook, New Hope, North Whitfield, Valley Point, and Westside Middle Schools, and Coahulla Creek, Crossroads Academy, Northwest Georgia College and Career Academy, Northwest, Phoenix, and Southeast Whitfield High Schools. The three major topics covered during this meeting were recognizing students from within the schools listed above, hearing the requests of the individuals from students, parents, others within the community, and asking for an exemption from one of the board policies.
In addition, the first topic covered during the meeting was recognizing students for the awards or accomplishments the students achieved. These awards were also extended to teachers as well. The first awards were given to the winners of the “I’m in the know about H2O” contest winners sponsored by Dalton Utilities. The next award was given to River Sandoval for being selected as the National Hispanic Scholar by the College Board. Then, Billie Abney who is a high school teacher at Southeast Whitfield was recognized for receiving the 2016 Outstanding Biology Teacher award from the National Association of Biology. The last two types of awards were given to multiple students, and these two awards were the 2016 Civic Oration Contest awards and the 2016 Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) award. The Duke TIP Test, tests a student from middle sch...

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...w Hope middle, and there is an exception to the policy which is the grandfather clause. The grandfather clause allows teachers who worked within the same school to continue working in the same because they were already both employees of the school before the school enacted the policy. Furthermore, since Mrs. Boos left the school, she cannot be grandfathered in like the other teachers. The board reviewed the case, and the board denied the exemption.
In conclusion, I learned a lot of information about how the board votes on issues, and I feel that it is more simplistic than I first thought. It was nice to see all of the awards that the students received, and I agreed with the board’s position in turning the parents and students down about the pool. Now, the exemption request was somewhat unfair in my opinion, but I feel that this assignment was meaningful experience.

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