Attend Trainings As A Learning Experience Essay

Attend Trainings As A Learning Experience Essay

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1. Attend as many training seminars, conferences and workshops as possible, especially pertaining to people skills.
Congratulations! You’ve reached a managerial position. It’s critical now to keep yourself up to date with the latest skills and constantly develop your talents. There are literally thousands of training opportunities available to you on a daily basis throughout our country, take advantage of them.
2. Attend trainings as a group to enhance your learning experience.
Research indicates that if you attend a training with a friend, co-worker or your entire team, it dramatically enhances the learning experience. You’ll be in a position to hear each other’s questions and insights. You’ll be able to witness team members have creative and strategic breakthroughs. More importantly, you can share ideas and concepts more effectively because you all had a common learning experience.
3. Begin reading more magazines, websites, Google, periodicals and books pertaining to your expertise.
The average American reads or listens to less than one book per year after high school or college. We spend about 3 hours a day watching TV. In a lifetime, the average American spends about 2 years watching TV commercials, and 70% of our waking lives involved in social media. Somewhere is this mountain of wasted time we must be able to find a few minutes daily to improve ourselves by reading and learning. Did you know that if you devoted 1 hour a day to reading material in your chosen field, in 2 years you’d be an authority on that subject? By the 3rd year you’d be a national expert, and by the 5th year you’d be an international authority. Wow! In a managerial position, be sure you have a meager goal to be at least as smart and talented as the employ...

... middle of paper ... the most time-sensitive.
• Not taking breaks – Statistically, people who do not take their breaks or eat lunch have a 61% drop in productivity.
• Ineffectively scheduling tasks – The most successful people write a list of tasks that need to be accomplished. If you write the list the night before and then accurately prioritize it, you will see a 25% increase in your productivity.
• A messy desk -While some people will argue that a messy desk is the perfect way to work, statistically, a messy desk causes a 32% drop in productivity.

8. Find the time to learn.
It will pay you in dividends with a more loyal team/staff. This new, fresh energy will trickle down to your customers and the excellent service they receive. Most of all, never be too busy to learn. It has been the downfall of many top managers. Sincerely pledge to yourself that you will for a lifetime remain

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