Attempts to Establish a National Identification System Essay

Attempts to Establish a National Identification System Essay

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Although some countries have national identity cards, there has been an extensive debate about their use here in the United States. According to Eliot (2009), the first driver’s license went into effect in New York in 1910 (p. 11). Other states followed suit. The Social Security Act passed in the 1930's required all citizens to have a unique nine digit number in order to receive social security benefits. (, para 1) Today, it is common knowledge that all employers are required to request and verify a social security number at the start of employment.
According to Rotenberg, federal discussions related to the national ID card took place
several times before the attempt in 2005. Citing government documents, Rotenberg (2008) claims:
In 1971, the Social Security Administration task force on the
Social Security Number declined to transform the number
into an ID card. The Health, Education and Welfare Secretary’s
Advisory Committee on Automated Personal Data Systems in
1973 again rejected the creation of a national identifier.... (p.1)

The same source point out two additional study commissions and an attorney general also rejected attempts to “create a national identity system”. (P 2) Then in 1993 then President Clinton advocated a “Health Security Card”; but, the effort stopped. (Rotenberg, 2008, p.2) These examples make clear the federal government had made attempts to secure a national id card long before the terrorist attack of 9/11.

The Real Identity Act of 2005

From the preceding discussion, it is clear that in addition to the sec...

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