Essay on The Attack On The Culture Of The Indigenous People

Essay on The Attack On The Culture Of The Indigenous People

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In response to the attack on the culture of the indigenous people, the Native American activists began to mobilize with the support of the church. Experience of the Second Vatican Council sparked a spiritual renewal bringing many indigenous people back to the church. This movement gave rise to Mayan leaders and proved useful for catechus leaders to teach others about the faith. Moreover, liberation theology is vital in the alliance formed between the indigenous people and the church, relying on the liberation from all forms of oppression as the only route to salvation. In Konefal chapter two, Mayas Mobilized, in the mid nineteenth century, out of fear of the Guatemalan spring the Catholic church introduces re-evangelization by bringing in foreign priests to impose Catholicism to spread religious doctrine. Since the indigenous people now had the support of the church they could begin mobilizing and fight back against the government. A significant strike led by Ixtahuacan miners, paved the way for other groups to begin their stance against the oppressive government and led to the mobilization of leaders in their respective areas. In a matching argument, Jan Hoffman reiterates in her article, A Tale of Two Priests and Two Struggles: Liberation Theology from Dictatorship to Democracy in the Brazilian Northeast, the false claim of the exaggerated death of liberation theology. The two priests who are the main context of her paper, influenced by liberation theology and its role in the revival of ethnic identities and promoting economic interests of those communities, provide context for followers. On the earlier side of things, René Horst in, The Catholic Church, Human Rights Advocacy, and Indigenous Resistance in Paraguay, 1969-1989, i...

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...uld not or would not see class based identities, merely cultures separated by different beliefs. Having two different views in one source shows how perception can be interpreted in different ways depending on the individual.
As a result of the attempted forceful mestizaje the indigenous people, with the support from the church and its teachers, began a rebellion against an oppressive government over class and ethnic differences. While Native America communities during the Cold War struggled to find peace between the fighting, the indigenous people who were not a part of the guerrilla or the army faced harsher punishment than those that were actually in battle. In a tough situation the people had no reliable leader that could take make everything better. After all the years of war, the people are finally able to begin to put the horrific and violent past behind them.

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