Essay on Attachment Theory : The Strange Situation

Essay on Attachment Theory : The Strange Situation

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This paper will explore and define attachment theory. As mentioned by Melendez and Melendez (2010), attachment theory was first created by John Bowlby in his work based on attachment, separation, and loss. It states that Bowlby defined attachment as any behavior where a person wants to attain and maintain intimacy to another individual (Melendez & Melendez, 2010, p. 420). The article also mentions how Ainsworth later showed support of Bowlby’s notion with her observations and classification of attachment. Kerr (2013), comments that the three attachment styles that Ainsworth has classified are securely attached, insecurely avoidant, and insecurely ambivalent. Ainsworth would determine a child’s attachment by an experiment called “The Strange Situation”. Although Kerr does not mention it, insecurely ambivalent is also known as insecurely resistant. In this paper, attachment theory will be defined as a theory that deals with short term and long term interpersonal and affectionate relationships that we have with others and how we act, as well as deal, with these relationships.
For the rest of this paper, three different articles that involve attachment theory will be discussed. The first article deals with parental attachment and how it can influence college adjustment. It will be mentioned how the hypothesis which states that together, race and parental attachment are the best predictors of college adjustment, was supported with an experiment. The second article focuses on attachment theory from a cultural perspective. This paper will deal with how the article argues that attachment theory has Western biases, and does not fit with all cultures. The third and final article talks about teacher-child relationship and tea...

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... now know that it is important for teachers, as well as other adults involved in the child’s life, to form an attachment bond with the child. This in turn will lead to teachers and other adults becoming more of an attachment figure. In addition, we will become more aware of the Western bias of having attachment theory, and research on attachment theory, based on mother-infant attachment. Melendez and Melendez (2010) have shown that attachment bonds are not the same for everyone and that race/ethnicity matters. This will lead to new suggestions for counseling, programming, and policy to make sure that we take into account a person’s race, or ethnicity, when it comes to attachment. Making the research on attachment theory more broad will lead to changes in the field of child and adolescent development which will improve the quality of life in children and adolescents.

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