Essay about Attachment Theory And The Developmental Stages Of A Child

Essay about Attachment Theory And The Developmental Stages Of A Child

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Attachment is an important aspect through the developmental stages of a child. It is the process through which an individual develops specific bonds with others (). John Bowlby theorized Attachment Theory, which focuses on a behavioral system that demonstrates the response of an adult when a child signals which can lead to a strong trusting relationship (). Through attachment infants develop strong emotional bonds with others, which can result in a more positive outcome later in life.
Throughout the chapters of The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, Dr. Perry describes personal experiences based on the lives of individuals he has encountered. The correlation among the characters described in Skin Hunger, The Coldest Heart, and The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, showcased different alternatives to attachment theory in regards to the individual’s upbringing; each, demonstrating the affects of the four key factors for developing a secure attachment.
Through the development of attachment, an individual goes through five stages, first is birth to 3 months, which an infant uses different cues such as smiling, crying, and cuddling to maintain a close bond with the caregiver; second, 3 to 6 months which the infant is responsive to familiar people; third, 6 to 9 months, which an infant sees contact and physical touch with objects; fourth, 9 to 12 months, which an infant forms expectations of the caregiver’s response to distress; fifth, 12 months to older where the child uses certain behaviors to influence object of attachment that will help satisfy needs for protection (). In addition, there are many factors that help support a secure attachment, which include, cultural and subcultural pathways, the caregiver’s personal life story, contemporary...

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... factors are influenced by the abilities of an adult needed to provide a strong and stable attachment (). Justin was left in the care of his grandmother, but when his grandmother passed away, he was left in the care of Arthur, the grandmother’s boyfriend Arthur. Arthur was an elderly man who never had children and was limited on how to raise a child. Other contemporary factors such as the confidence and self-control needing to raise a child carry over into the child’s attachment development (). Within Connor’s case, he suffered neglect from birth to 18 months (). Connor had been neglected throughout all stages of development, which in result limited his ability to form a secure attachment and be able to rely on others for support and comfort. Connor was left alone throughout the day, creating an inconsistent and unstable perspective on how a caregiver should respond.

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