Attachment Theory and Parenting Style Influence on Children Essay

Attachment Theory and Parenting Style Influence on Children Essay

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Caregivers play a primary role in how a child may develop. The daily interaction between the caregiver and child continually changes the pathway in which the child may take. How the child is raised and the parenting style used is a significant influence on that development by affecting the relationship between parent and child. This supports the Attachment theory in which emphasizes relationship between the child and caregiver as a key factor in development.
My Caregiver’s Parenting Style
My parents, my father specifically, believed that children should obey their elders without question and without hesitation. This outlook on parenting stems from their cultural background as Vietnamese immigrants. In my culture, family is structured with a patriarchic hierarchy with obedience being the most important trait in children. If obedience was not given then physical repercussions is sure to follow. When I was young, I remember being spanked often with a fly swatter. Rationale is often not given with instructions. In fact, if I were to ask for a reason behind a demand, it was seen as arguing with them and defiance. Not only do they lack rationale but also they somewhat lack warmth and involvement. They often are unaware of my problems in life or school. I learned not to go to them to talk about my troubles because they fail to provide me with the comfort that I needed. Due to this reason, they are uninvolved in a good portion of my life. However, they do provide physical affection when the occasion calls for it. This parenting method that my parents employ is one that emphasizes obedience, control and respect for elders and authority. They raised me without emotional warmth and used physical punishments. According to the Baumrind Theor...

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