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Nuclear technology: a mysterious frontier in scientific advancement that has enraptured spectators worldwide. As the influence of nuclear technology expanded, nations implemented policies to address its usage. The Atoms for Peace program contributed significantly to the conception of these policies. This program’s inception represented a turning point in international cooperation. From Atoms for Peace arose the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the spread of nuclear energy, the technology’s risky dual use, and the rise of conflicts over Iran’s highly controversial nuclear program. The effects of the Atoms for Peace program play roles even in international affairs of the present.
Allowing a fundamental reversal in the world’s cooperation framework, Atoms for Peace originated in the midst of America’s dogged resistance from sharing nuclear technology. During this time President Truman urged citizens to “constitute [Americans] trustees of this new force” to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. With its 1946 Atomic Energy Act, the United States shut off its nuclear knowledge from the rest of the world; however, other countries began gaining the ability to establish nuclear facilities. In particular the Soviet Union’s rising nuclear influence loomed as a massive threat to American interests. This risk pressured the United States into promoting, as President Eisenhower emphasized, “the peaceful...efficient and economic usage” of nuclear technology. This would necessitate assistance in the initiation of nuclear programs for other countries to prevent highly destructive nuclear warfare against which no nation could defend. On December 8, 1953, President Eisenhower delivered his monumental “Atoms for Peac...

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