Essay on The Atomic Bombs On Japan

Essay on The Atomic Bombs On Japan

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August of 1945, the United States dropped two infamous atomic bombs on Japan under President Harry S. Truman’s permission. Hiroshima was hit by the bomb, “Little Boy”, on the 6th and three days later, Nagasaki was hit by the second, “Fat Man” on the 9th. Both of these attacks caused thousands of casualties along with the effect of radiation. Prior to this event, in 1941, the Japanese speculated that the U.S was planning to enter World War Two. On December 7th, they took action and attacked the U.S naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was, “A Date Which Will Live In Infamy” said by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This is a significant event in our history not only was there conflict between the two nations, but it was the first appearance of nuclear warfare in a war. There were a lot of events that lead up to the use of these bombs which caused problems with morality, culture and racism.

Seven decades later and we still question ourselves whether it was the right decision to release “Little Boy” and “Fat Man.” Till this day, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the only nuclear attacks in history. The reason behind this tragedy was because Truman thought it was the most effective way to get Japan to surrender and also put an end to WW2. This was also supposed to save many American lives. I can’t help but think as if Japan provoked the U.S to act this way because of what happened back at Pearl Harbor. The U.S lost many lives that day, but so did Japan after the atomic bombing.

During this time, Germany was in the process of building a bomb as well, so by using this weapon it shows all the other countries who has the most power. As a country, we have the strongest military and that’s what we take advantage of. We wan...

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... kept on fighting? The internment camps and bombings were both under two different presidencies, but it reflects us as a country.

The atomic bombing has changed our world forever. Like I said before, there has not been any nuclear attacks since that August which makes it a memorable event in our history and it won’t be forgotten. All the lives that every nation has lost by participating in the war they fought for what we have now and whether it was worth it, we have to keep moving on. Technology has very well improved so we are more than capable of more destruction now than ever, but may this be a lesson well learned for the future to come. We need to think more rational about the lives we take and the way we treat them because in the end, humans are fighting as well. I for sure see this as an eye opener and more room to improve not just as a nation, but worldwide.

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