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The Atomic Bomb Of World War II Essays

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The use of the atomic bomb in World War II set a precedent for all future wars and their tactical warfare. The first and use of its kind, the atomic bomb has sent historians over edge in how and why the United States utilized it and how it affected the world and its target: Japan. However, historians tend to disagree and quibble over different aspects of the formation and deployment of the atomic bomb by the United States and why it was ultimately used. In Barton J. Bernstein’s “Eclipsed by Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Early Thinking about Tactical Nuclear Weapons”, he endorses that the idea that the only reason why the United States deployed the atomic bomb was for complete survival from the Japanese, and post-bombing felt the ultimate remorse and guiltiness of killing thousands of civilians. Contrary to Bernstein’s idea of atomic bomb buyer’s remorse, Gar Alperovitz and Robert L. Messer find weak points and holes in Bernstein’s argument and conclude that the United States used the atomic bomb for three reasons: stopping the influence of USSR communism in China, complete control over surrendered Japan and gaining political respect and power in Eastern Asia and Eastern Europe post war. By understanding each historian’s side, it can be quite interesting in analyzing their work and how the either coincide or fault each other’s argument.
Bernstein’s argument is simple: the United States choose to use the atomic bomb not in fear of the USSR’s impending attack in Asia, but because they saw that this was the only way to win the war and to defeat Japan. More specifically, because of General George C. Marshall, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, and President Harry Truman, the atomic bomb was put on halt for its fear of using it as tactical wa...

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...ty of Japan.
The atomic bomb is still a topic discussed within academia and historical analyses, however, it commonly strives away from the political challenges faced by its creator, The United States, and its target, Japan. From historians like Bernstein who uses faulty evidence of exemplifying remorse of the United States to Alperovitz and Messer’s argument of the United States’ ulterior agenda of bombing Japan comes a point where the audience must decide which side sways to the accurate and correct stance. Meanwhile, Asada understands the unspoken history of Japan’s government and how they dealt with their upcoming defeat which goes unheard through modern academia. The atomic bomb was just more than an engineering feat used to stop World War II for an Allied victory, it was a political message, a cry for help and a moment that would change the future of all wars.

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